A Step Up from Commercial Canopies and Awnings

This Spring and Summer, many businesses will be looking to up their outdoor offering. But a day outdoors often means contending with unpredictable weather. Businesses that want to expand their outdoor space might consider commercial canopies and awnings to keep customers dry. This might seem like a simple solution, but there is a much better way to draw in customers, and keep them comfortable.

More and more commercial businesses are serving customers outdoors. To stand out, you’ll want to invest in more than commercial canopies and awnings. This is where HUUDEN can help. One of HUUDEN’s outdoor pods offers a step up from a simple canopy. Here’s why.

Commercial Canopies and Awnings

Quality Comfort in All Weathers

There are many pitfalls to a simple awning. For one, they can be easily damaged in bad weather. Also, once the breeze picks up, awnings can soon start to move about, making all kinds of noise. And though customer’s heads might stay dry, they’ll quickly feel the wind. Finally, with so many sites setting up commercial canopies and awnings, it’s becoming harder for a business to make their outdoor space stand out.

So what can a business do? If you want to create a sheltered outdoor space that dazzles on first sight, and keeps customers comfortable in all weathers, look no further than HUUDEN’s range of enclosed pods.

For restaurants and bars, a pod makes a perfect outdoor dining area. A group dining out together will appreciate the shelter and privacy of the pod. Additionally, its design will help maintain social distancing between different groups.

For hotels, leisure centres and golf clubs, a pod offers a step up over traditional seating areas. For example, the Crown Shield offers a place for people to find some shade in open areas where a normal canopy wouldn’t work. The design of the pod also allows it to look at home in all kinds of natural settings.

For camping and glamping sites, a pod offers a cosy alternative to a simple awning, and offers guests a great alternative to a tent, whether as accommodation, or simply as a place to socialise.

Outdoor Shelter Built Around your Business

At the heart of HUUDEN’s Crown range are the many ways we allow businesses to customise their pod. You can add electricity, lighting and heating to each of our pods. This could mean TVs and music, or simple, elegant lights. A customised pod will help your business show off its unique character outdoors.

Whether you’re in need of a sauna or a BBQ grille, HUUDEN’s pods will adapt to every kind of use. From their appearance, to the customer experience, HUUDEN’s designs represent a massive step up from familiar commercial canopies and awnings.

If you’re interested in unlocking the full commercial potential of your outdoor space, get in touch with HUUDEN today. We’re always here to discuss your requirements and help match you with the perfect pods for your business.

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