We have been selling garden houses, distinctive timber buildings and structures to various countries for over 10 years, but HUUDEN roots lie in Tartu County, where our design studio and production facilities are based. In 2016, when the construction of the new building was completed, we brought our activities together under the common brand name HUUDEN.

Estonia is the land of timber with the highest number of wooden houses produced per person in the world. Almost a half of the country, with its crisp and cooler climate, is covered with forests. Wood has served as the main construction material here for hundreds of years and the skills of creating and handling wooden structures have been handed down from one generation to another. The oldest preserved wooden house in Estonia is over 370 years old.

All garden houses and shelters are designed by the qualified designers in our team. The first model of the CROWN range was built in 2009 with new ones added over the last few years. HUUDEN design really stands out from more conventional structures with the inspiration coming from nature, modern architecture and natural curved environments. These aspects are integrated into the CROWN range tastefully and in a balanced manner. We value working with wood highly. We believe that wood is the material to use for producing valuable products.

Our unique and impressive headquarters in Tartu County very much embody this spirit and point of view. The building was created and designed by Martti Kalamees, our head designer and one of the founders of the company, and contains the design studio, development department and production area. To the front our model houses are displayed and this is also where we also test the durability of our products in the unreliable Nordic climate.

It does take longer to produce HUUDEN models than regular milled beam houses. A modern and certified production system is used but the products still require special treatment and long preparation; which is what makes them so special and desirable.


Design Protection

All HUUDEN product designs are registered as intellectual property.

Environmentally Aware Wood Consumption

We always try to make sure that the wood we use is carefully chosen and of the highest quality – that which has grown more slowly in colder regions thereby ensuring greater stability and reliability.

7-year Warranty

The production process of the laminated timber elements used in the structure of our garden houses and shelters is certified and meets the highest standards. HUUDEN provides a 7-year warranty for the laminated timber frame and a 2-year warranty for other wood elements.

Mission & Vision

Wood is the energy source of forests which we chose to use to make high added value products.

We create timber structures which stand out from the more conventional and hope to inspire their users.

To become an internationally known creator of innovative small timber buildings by 2025.

We value inspiration
We are honest
We dare to take responsibility
We are open to change
We strive towards a higher awareness in our activities
We care about the environment


We have consciously implemented design management and product testing in our development processes, the latter undertaken for years in our Estonian climate with its four very different seasons. These tests determine the necessary weather and structural resistance of the wood for varying conditions. As a result, we dare to offer a 7-year structural warranty for our HUUDEN products.


HUUDEN Production System. We make continual efforts to develop and improve our production system and staff awareness.


HUUDEN founders are professional designers with unique experience in wood construction and production.


HUUDEN provides a 7-year warranty for the laminated timber frame and a 2-year warranty for other wood elements.


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