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Our Roots

We have been providing customers across the world with contemporary garden rooms and distinctive wooden structures for over 10 years. The HUUDEN brand was born in our native Estonia in 2016. As the brand continues to grow, we are proud to be offering our unique products to customers in the UK.

In Estonia, beautiful timber has been the building material of choice for hundreds of years. These skills in wooden construction have been handed down through the generations. Using this same expertise, all our striking outdoor living spaces are designed by our own highly skilled team.

Making The Most of Your Outdoor Space

In a country where the weather is unpredictable, it’s even more important to make the most of your outside space. It’s also important to do it with style, not only extending your living space but enhancing it. HUUDEN’s gorgeous garden room designs and sun houses provide the perfect solution.


HUUDEN designs are a departure from conventional garden structures. Our designers take their inspiration from contemporary architecture and the organic shapes found in nature. Our Crown range incorporates these features in a way that is both tasteful and striking. If you want your garden to stand out from the rest, we offer structures that are functional yet beautiful.

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Built to Endure

Conceived in a Nordic climate, our timber structures are not just built to impress, but also to last. There is a wooden house in Estonia that is over 370 years old, so we have a lot to live up to. To the front of our impressive headquarters in Estonia’s Tartu County, our model houses are displayed. This sometimes harsh climate is also where they are tested for their durability.

Design Protection

All HUUDEN product designs are registered as intellectual property.

Environmentally Aware Wood Consumption

We always try to make sure that the wood we use is carefully chosen and of the highest quality – that which has grown more slowly in colder regions thereby ensuring greater stability and reliability.

Versatile and Functional

HUUDEN’s contemporary garden rooms and outdoor living spaces are perfect for both residential and commercial properties. One of our elegant sun houses would enhance any domestic garden setting. But businesses such as hotels, golf courses, pubs and restaurants can also benefit from our eye-catching structures.

Offering a welcoming outside space for guests, A HUUDEN timber building would be a considerable asset. With social distancing and the preference for outdoor contact, this additional exterior space could prove invaluable.

7-year Warranty

The production process of the laminated timber elements used in the structure of our garden houses and shelters is certified and meets the highest standards. HUUDEN provides a 7-year warranty for the laminated timber frame and a 2-year warranty for other wood elements.

Why are HUUDEN Products Different?

If you care about the environment, you’ll be pleased to know that HUUDEN does, too. The wood we use is carefully chosen, both for quality and sustainability. Our products are tested in the Estonian climate to ensure they can withstand the changing seasons. We are so confident of that quality and durability that we provide a 7-year warranty for our laminated timber frames.

Our designs stand out from the crowd, combining elegance and style with functionality. We believe our honesty, responsibility and affinity with nature give HUUDEN’s outdoor living spaces an edge over the rest. So why not take a look at our products and see if you agree.

Call or email us if you’d like more information on how we can help you enhance your outdoor space.

Mission & Vision

Wood is the energy source of forests which we chose to use to make high added value products.

We create timber structures which stand out from the more conventional and hope to inspire their users.

To become an internationally known creator of innovative small timber buildings by 2025.

We value inspiration
We are honest
We dare to take responsibility
We are open to change
We strive towards a higher awareness in our activities
We care about the environment

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