Discover the Nordic designs that make your garden special.

Why Choose Outdoor Living from HUUDEN UK?

The demand for unique outdoor living layouts is increasing in both commercial and residential markets. That is why we at HUUDEN have made a series of garden buildings perfect for any outdoor setting.

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Our products are inspired by the natural beauty of Estonian woodlands and combine modern and eye-catching designs with Nordic durability. Our aim is to make a comfortable and stylish outdoor space for family, friends, guests and customers suitable for all seasons and weather.

Whether you are a homeowner or own a pub, hotel or restaurant, you will want to make the most of your outdoor space. At HUUDEN we have made a range of outdoor products for all types of weather.

Come sun, rain or snow, our garden buildings provide a cosy and comfortable space to relax, chat, eat, and more. In addition, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our buildings are a great way to socially distance guests, while not sacrificing hospitality.

At HUUDEN we offer more than just outdoor buildings. We also offer a range of accessories for our Crown Range. We are also developing more products that will be available soon. We also have a special deal for trade customers with display offers. To find out more about what we offer send us a query online.

About Us


Urban outdoor living in a corner of your garden.


Maximising natural light, this garden pod makes the most of any corner in your garden. Designed for small spaces, this simple but elegantly designed garden house makes the most of your garden view. Enjoy your garden in any weather in comfortable surroundings.

The Crown Compact is a unique garden building for any residential area. At 6.7m2 and under 2.5m in height, this laminated timber structure fits in any small garden space. The building has twin glass doors with tempered and bronze tinted glass on either side to create ideal lighting.


At HUUDEN we offer three unique outdoor garden building designs for commercial outside areas!


Time well spent with family and friends is invaluable.


The perfect complement to your outdoor lifestyle, the Crown Shield is an open garden pod, providing shelter from the rain and cool shade, on hot sunny days. Ideal as cover for a hot tub or a BBQ. With extra options of table and bench seating to allow you dine al fresco and an option of a fire pit in the center of the table, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with your nearest and dearest in style, sheltered from the elements with this eye-catching wooden garden pod.

The Crown Shield Leisure and Crown Shield Fire offers a 360° bench with table enclosed within a sturdy laminated timber shelter. The durable metal elements and powder-painted roof plating protect guests and patrons in all types of weather.



A special garden house perfect for small spaces.


The Crown Smart range of garden houses are deceptively small, but surprisingly spacious garden pod. Allowing you to position the window panels to your preference, making the most of the views in your garden, provide perfect lighting and create an airy space for a private retreat. This cosy space is the perfect sanctuary or garden office. Also available with a grill inside to allow you to cook outdoors. Simple elegant beauty, inside and out.

The Crown Smart is a compact living space enclosed within a laminated timber structure. Windows with tempered glass can be placed anywhere for natural light and the best garden views.



Inspiring home office or private retreat


Specially designed to provide a multipurpose space, the Crown Elegant garden pod is a stunning garden summer house with stunning floor to ceiling windows. Skilfully crafted from wood, the garden pod possesses great acoustics, perfect for playing or making music. At the same time, the garden pod is quiet enough to make a spacious garden office or summer house. Also available as a sauna. The modern design will add a great focal point to your garden and will provide you with an inspiring multifunctional space.

The Crown Elegant combines eye-catching design with practical construction. It has floor to ceiling tempered glass windows for that “outside in” experience. In addition, its quality timber construction and great acoustic qualities make it perfect for any function.


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