Crown Compact

Introducing Compact, a unique garden house for any corner of your garden!

Should you have a small garden, you can still make the most of it. Compact is 6.7m² and under 2.5m in height. It is unique in design, with plenty of light!

  • Compact is built on a glue laminated timber frame
  • Compact has twin doors
  • Compact has plenty of glass on both sides, ensures ideal lighting
  • Compact has tempered and slightly bronze tinted glass
  • Compact is under 2.5m in height
  • Compact has 28mm natural timber floorboards
  • All buildings are supplied flat packed and need 2 people minimum to build them
  • Price includes delivery to the majority of Great Britain – please see our shipping and returns page for full details


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Enquire About This Product

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The Crown Compact Garden House: A Compact Sense of Luxury

If you have been looking to spruce up the exterior of your home. The addition of a wooden garden house is an excellent solution. Not only is our Crown Compact model suited for small gardens. But equipped with the same sense of luxury. That has come to define all of our products at HUUDEN UK. This structure is truly beautiful. Yet, it is highly functional. The end result is that you will be able to enjoy. All this wooden garden house has to offer without sacrificing comfort.

Great Things Tend to Come in Small Packages

At only 14.3 cubic metres in total size. Our Crown Compact garden sun house is an excellent option. If your garden does not have a great deal of space to spare. A height of 2.4 metres and 6.5 square metres of floor space. Will provide you with plenty of internal room. Whether using this as a reading area, a meditation retreat. Or, as a way to sit back and relax, this high-end garden house aims to please.

Wooden Garden Sun House Made Using Quality & Environmentally Friendly Materials

The designers at HUUDEN UK appreciate that quality counts. When choosing the most appropriate garden house for you. Our Crown Compact garden house. Constructed from a glue-laminated timber frame. Means the structure is lightweight and yet extremely durable. 28mm timber floorboards add to the visual appeal of its interior. Woods such as Siberian birch and natural pine. Chosen due to their sustainable nature. So, you will be contributing to a greener world when choosing this model.

In addition, this garden house provides an airy appeal. Thanks to its large glass windows. Their slight bronze tint helps to lessen the severity of the harsh summer sun. The windows are complemented by twin doors, with equally impressive glass panes. The main intention is to provide you with a clear view of your garden. Whilst sitting in the lap of luxury.

Suitable for Numerous Purposes

Do you have plans to entertain guests in the near future? Even when the weather does not cooperate. Our Crown Compact wooden garden house aims to please. Offering your contemporary summer house inspiration, where pp to nine people can fit comfortably inside. Perfect for a dinner party, playing a few rounds of cards or social meetings. You can utilise this clever enclosure as an outdoor office or craft room. In other words, the choices are nearly endless.

The laminated timber and wooden floor boards we use are weatherproof. And guaranteed for 7 years. Longer than other wood, having a 2-year guarantee. The cost includes delivery, which takes roughly 10-12 weeks.

Keep in mind that the Crown Compact. Is only one style of beautiful designer garden rooms supplied by HUUDEN UK. You can choose from other models such as:

Before thinking about any of other HUUDEN products. You may need to check your local planning regulations. To see if you require planning permission. The Crown Compact is only 2.4m in height. If you would like to learn more about our Crown Compact garden house. Or you have any additional questions, please send us an enquiry. The Crown Compact garden house takes the concept of luxurious comfort. To an entirely new level.


No of people up to 9
Surface area 6.5 m²
Cubage 14.3 m³
Height 2.4 m


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