Contemporary Summer House Inspiration

Summer houses were traditionally a place to relax in the shade and find solace from the summer heat. At HUUDEN, we believe summer houses are for every season – not just the warmer months. Read on for contemporary summer house ideas that are sure to inspire you to add a summer room to your garden.

Office or Outdoor Lounge?

If you don’t have space for a study in your house, a garden house could become your new home office. As technology and global events combine to make remote working more popular than ever.  More people are looking to their gardens to provide a peaceful and private workplace.

Furnish your office-meets-contemporary summer house with a desk, perfectly positioned to enjoy views of your garden. Shelving and storage can provide a place to keep your work life essentials neat and tidy. And lastly add a sofa or cosy chair for taking a break. Or to turn your space into a multifunctional office and outdoor lounge. Work in the week, unwind at the weekend: your summer house can cater to both.

Enjoy Natural Light in a Glass Garden Room

Windows will ensure your garden building is filled with natural light throughout the day. If your summer house is set to be your art studio or crafting space. A glass garden room could be just what you are looking for. Our Crown Compact contemporary summer house features glass on both sides, as well as glazed doors to maximise natural light. The glass has a slight bronze tint to reduce glare, so you can enjoy even the sunniest days in comfort.

Contemporary Summer House

Bird watchers will also love a glass garden room – the ideal place to sit with your binoculars and look out for feathered garden visitors, whilst staying warm in the winter or cool in summer. Or maybe you have a young family and want to keep a close eye on their garden games whilst you relax. Either way, the many windows of this contemporary summer house make it the perfect choice.

Garden Buildings for Every Season

Perhaps we should call our contemporary summer houses “summer, autumn, winter and spring houses”, as you can use your garden building all year round. HUUDEN garden buildings are made from carefully chosen timber from trees that have grown slowly in colder regions. This gives the wood greater strength and stability. Our seven-year warranties also give you the peace of mind that your new summer house will withstand all weathers.

To make the most of your contemporary summer house in every season, why not install heating to keep your space warm and cosy? Or lighting so you can continue working from home in the winter months, and enjoy your summer house into the evening. The beauty of a HUUDEN summer house is that you can customise it to match your lifestyle and how you want to use the space. So take a closer look at our contemporary summer houses to find one you can enjoy 12 months of the year.

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