Gorgeous Garden Room Designs

Whether the garden is in full bloom in the heat of summer, or barer under the cold of winter,  garden room designs can give you the space to enjoy the garden year-round. A garden room can be great place to retreat for relaxation, or host garden guests. But a garden room needs decoration to turn it into a truly vibrant space. Fortunately, there are enough inspiring garden room designs to suit every kind of garden. In this article you’ll find plenty of inspiring suggestions to help you create an inviting and practical garden room.

Traditional and Contemporary Garden Room Designs

For truly cutting edge garden room design you might well consider HUUDEN’s range of self-contained garden pods. The variety of ornate garden pods available from HUUDEN balance cutting edge design with natural materials. The natural curves of a pod’s timber create a contemporary look which is also at home with the natural environment. HUUDEN’s residential Crown Compact garden house is the perfect blank canvas for all your garden room designs. The range of uses the pod can accommodate are endless.

Firstly, for those seeking to create a more traditional summer house design, simple comfortable furnishings and light decorations can help you turn your pod into an enclosed zen den. Whether your design goes for vintage flair or a modern flourish, the compact pod will help create a cosy and enclosed space.

Alternatively, you may consider putting the pod’s space to use as a garden office. The pod is more than capable of accommodating desks and electronics, as well as plenty of shelving and lighting. This kind of garden room design can create a relaxing atmosphere to help you focus and feel productive.

The Crown Compact garden house able to accommodate plenty of electronics. But what you do with those electronics is completely up to you. With comfortable couches, bold lighting and a host of gadgets and sound equipment, you could transform your garden house into a tech-filled Man Cave or She Shed. You could even use the space for a great garden bar. Used in the this way, the garden room will become an inviting centrepiece of backyard parties.

Ornate Garden Pods: The Perfect Retreat

Whether you are looking for a garden room that accommodates work, relaxation or party-hosting, HUUDEN’s garden pods give you an adaptable space to realise all your backyard dreams. Whether you have wicker frames in mind, or well-varnished woods, an ornate garden pod’s natural form allows it to accommodate all kinds of furnishings and décor.
The sheer variety of design possibilities means you can create the garden space right for you. Custom built garden rooms are the perfect way to get the most out of your garden. And with a pod from HUUDEN, you can bring compact comfort into your garden in a sleek, contemporary package.

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