Crown Elegant Sauna

Introducing Elegant Sauna, a garden house with a difference!

The Elegant Sauna provides a special place to relax and de-stress in today’s hectic world. The clean and modern, yet timeless design, that is Elegant Sauna, will add a stunning focus to your garden. One of the first details to catch the eye about Elegant Sauna, is the floor-to-ceiling windows. This simple but ingenious solution was specifically conceived for Elegant Sauna, by our head designer to create that special ‘outside in’ experience, day and night.

  • Elegant Sauna has a built in sauna heated by an electric heater – please contact us for details
  • Elegant Sauna has eye catching floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Elegant Sauna has great acoustic qualities
  • Elegant Sauna makes a perfect relaxation place
  • Elegant Sauna creates a stunning focal point in your garden
  • Elegant Sauna is also available as Elegant
  • All buildings are supplied flat packed and need 2 people minimum to build them
  • Price includes delivery to the majority of Great Britain – please see our shipping and returns page for full details


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Enquire About This Product

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Contemporary Pod Cabins for Sale

With the Crown Elegant Sauna, modern Nordic design meets a relaxing, heated interior. Thanks to wood or an electric heater, this outdoor sauna will keep up to 9 guests warm at once. Your guests will get the full log cabin sauna experience in a compact, contemporary pod design. Our ‘outside in’ design gives guests the feeling of outdoor living, within the comfort of a private, indoor space. Investing in a sauna is a great way to create a more enticing outdoor area that keeps guests around for longer. From visuals to acoustics and fittings, the Crown Elegant Sauna has the potential to be the luxurious focal point of your outdoor space.

Are you a hotel or restaurant owner, or a pub landlord with a large open space that you want to make use of for the benefit of your customers and your business? If so, you should consider the benefits of installing a self-contained garden pod or small garden cabin.

HUUDEN UK pod cabins are designed with the needs of the commercial market in mind, and they create lots of new possibilities for your business. They will enhance the customer experience and keep them coming back.

Electricity can be installed in the self-contained pods for heating and lighting, so their use is not limited by winter or poor weather. In fact, during November and December, a pod can be decorated to make an enchanting grotto for Santa; think of the commercial possibilities this could offer.

Summer BBQs are a good money-spinner for pubs and restaurants but are too often called off because of the weather. If you have several pod cabins your event can go ahead, food can be cooked under an awning, in the Crown Shield, or the Crown Smart Grill, and if it rains people can shelter in any of the HUUDEN UK pod cabins.

Holiday park owners find HUUDEN UK pod cabins work well when strategically placed around their grounds and offer a different experience to traditional wooden garden lodges. Besides providing shelter, they can be used by families for picnics or by the elderly or the less mobile to take a rest break during a walk.

If you manage a golfing resort, you should invest in HUUDEN UK pod cabins. The weather can change dramatically in the time it takes to play 18 holes. Golfers will appreciate having a shelter close by; somewhere to take a break and perhaps eat a sandwich or have a cup of tea.

Perhaps you are a business owner who needs more space for an office or just somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of your business; a private space in which you can relax. You might need a place to keep your spin bicycle, perform yoga, meditate, or listen to music. A pod cabin will work well for any of these things.

Using a pod to serve your customers afternoon teas, hold baby showers or offer romantic dinners in a secluded location are all marketable ideas. Our pods look great on wedding photographs, too.

At HUUDEN UK our Crown Elegant Sauna self-contained pod cabins live up to their name. This is why they are sought after by commercial garden designers looking to create a special feature. We care about the environment and sustainability, that is why we source the timber for our pod rooms from slower growing trees. All the materials used are of the highest quality. Laminated wooden elements come with a 7-year guarantee, with other wood having a 2 years guarantee.

A pod cabin would be an elegant addition to your garden, if you have a large outdoor space – talk to our team to discuss this further.

Why Invest in an Elegant Sauna Cabin?

The design of our Crown Elegant pod includes natural curves and full floor to ceiling windows. This natural design helps the sauna cabin look great in all kinds of outdoor spaces. So the Crown Elegant will create an attractive focal point in your outdoor space, without disrupting its natural beauty. Once inside the sauna, guests will find themselves sheltered in a roomy, private space. But our windows still allow guests to soak up the views and feel like they are outside.

Our modern spin on the log cabin sauna has a lot to bring to all kinds of commercial locations. You can provide your guests with the full comfort of a log cabin sauna in a compact form. Hotels, clubs and leisure resorts could incorporate a sauna alongside an outdoor pool, or as part of a spa experience. Alternatively, an outdoor sauna could bring something extra to a peaceful, waterside camping attraction.

Most importantly, HUUDEN products offer businesses, and their customers, lots of choices. So, our modern designs give you plenty of options to tailor your Crown Elegant Sauna to suit your site. For example, Crown pods offer a range of optional shelving and seating accessories. You’ll also find our products are easy to fit with your own heating, lighting and electronic set-up.

Design is a priority

Innovation in design is of primary importance to HUUDEN UK. If you want something different in shape to the more traditional wooden garden buildings, then a pod cabin room could be what you are looking for.

By purchasing one or more self-contained garden pods from HUUDEN UK, you are investing in your business in a way that will give you the edge over the competition and enable you to offer customers something different. Delivery is included in the price of your small garden cabin, which usually takes approximately 10 weeks. You may also need to check if you need planning permission. Keep in mind that the Crown Elegant Sauna is only one of the garden houses supplied by HUUDEN UK. You can also choose from other models such as the Crown Elegant, the Crown Shield, the Crown Shield Leisure, the Crown Shield Fire, the Crown Smart, the Crown Smart Grill and the Crown Compact.  If you would like to find out more about the products offered by HUUDEN UK, please contact one of our representatives.

HUUDEN: Built for the Outdoors

The Crown Elegant Sauna stands as a luxurious centrepiece in all sorts of spaces. HUUDEN’s smart design and impeccable build quality ensures all of our pods will stand the test of time. In fact, that’s reflected in our 7-year warranty on our timber frames. However much the weather changes outside, the inside of the sauna cabin will always be warm.

Nowadays there’s a lot of demand for new outdoor experiences. Investing in an outdoor sauna from HUUDEN is one way you can make your business more memorable. Guests could use your sauna to kick back after a day’s exercise in the Summer, or as a warm retreat from colder weather. In other words, the Crown Elegant Sauna offers reliable relaxation all year round.

Our sauna offering is only one part of our Crown range. We offer a variety of innovative garden shelters and pods for all kinds of purposes. Have a browse of the full range, or get in touch to enquire about a particular Crown product today.



Purpose: relaxation, social gatherings, private retreat, meditation.

For (no. of people) up to 9
Surface area 6.5 m²
Cubage 24 m³
Height 3.4 m
Surface dimensions 3.12 x 2.76 m
Length, width 3.67 x 3.39 m


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