Crown Shield Leisure

Introducing Shield Leisure, discover the new way of outdoor lifestyle with this garden shelter!

The Shield Leisure shelter is designed for you to have good times with your family and friends in the garden. Whether it is wet or dry, you can carry on with your plans, in the Shield Leisure, without the weather disrupting them. A Shield Leisure shelter will undoubtedly enhance your garden and provide a real focal point. Shield Leisure is both unique and practical. Enjoy!

  • Shield Leisure has a distinctive design
  • Shield Leisure has a sturdy glued laminated timber frame
  • Shield Leisure has a durable powder-painted roof plate and metal elements
  • Shield Leisure has a 360º bench with a table
  • Shield Leisure is easy to assemble
  • Shield Leisure is also available in two other variants: Shield and Shield Fire
  • All buildings are supplied flat packed and need 2 people minimum to build them
  • Price includes delivery to the majority of Great Britain – please see our shipping and returns page for full details


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Enquire About This Product

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Get ahead with a HUUDEN Wooden Outdoor Canopy

In today’s challenging market, businesses in the leisure sector are constantly in competition to keep existing customers interested in what they offer, while also attracting new ones. A commercial canopy is a great way to do that by making the most of the outdoor space available to you.

HUUDEN canopies are designed with the commercial market in mind

Garden designers are always looking for something different, a focal point. A wooden garden shelter would have the desired effect for a large estate.

One or more shelters provide a means for commercial business owners to increase their profits and offer customers a unique experience. The possibilities are endless.

If you cannot extend your restaurant dining room, a wooden garden shelter could provide the space you need to offer that secluded romantic dinner for two. These commercial canopies are great for outdoor dining and can be heated, too. Create special packages such as afternoon tea or champagne and canapés under a private outdoor canopy.

If your customers like to socialise outdoors, provide a garden rain shelter to encourage them to stay with you longer because they can keep warm and dry if the weather turns.

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HUUDEN and Covid-19

Crown Shield Leisure shelters are suitable for Covid-19 social distancing. They are an ideal way to restrict people to their social bubbles. A new shelter will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor garden area. It will delight your customers.

A new smoking shelter

Why not replace your old smoking shelter with a smart Crown Shield shelter? Many establishments have sheds and shelters that are old and frankly do them no credit.

Are you an employer with a greenfield site or garden space? You will surely go up in the estimation of your workforce if you invest in pods that allow them to get out of the office and enjoy their tea breaks and lunch in pleasant surroundings, in the Crown Shield range.

Whether you are a looking for a commercial canopy for your restaurant or hotel, or if you are a pub landlord, holiday park owner or company CEO you will find a use for a wooden garden shelter. You will wonder how you ever managed without it. Customers are always willing to pay for new experiences.

A quality product guaranteed to please

HUUDEN UK wooden garden shelters are innovative and designed to follow the natural contours of nature. All the materials used are of the highest quality. When we source our timber, we choose slower growing trees. The wooden elements in your shelter carry a 7 year guarantee, with other wood having a 2 year guarantee. The shelters are easy to assemble. However, you may need to check whether you need planning permission. The cost also includes delivery which takes approximately 10-12 weeks. Keep in mind that the Crown Shield Leisure is only one of the garden houses supplied by HUUDEN UK. You can also choose from other models such as the Crown Shield, the Crown Shield Fire, the Crown Smart, the Crown Smart Grill, the Crown Elegant, the Crown Elegant Sauna and the Crown Compact. For further enquiries or to order a pod today, please contact one of our representatives at HUUDEN UK.


Purpose: social gatherings, al fresco dining.

For (no. of people) up to 6
Surface area 3.9 m²
Height 2.7 m
Surface dimensions 2.27 x 2.61 m
Length, width 3.2 x 3.11 m


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