The client wanted this product to be a focal point within their garden and to also create a wilderness feel. With a unique garden canopy. Our client purchased the Crown Shield Leisure Garden Shelter. Which they used to create a stunning seating area in their garden.

This case study details the decisions made in constructing the Crown Shield Leisure and helping our client realise their ideas. Also, we will look at the benefits of the Crown Shield Range as garden seating areas.

Building the Crown Shield Garden Canopy / Shelter

Our customer purchased one of our Crown Shield Leisure shelters. With the intention of creating a natural and eye-catching seating area in their garden. We made this unique garden canopy to provide an innovative alternative to common garden seating areas. The customer chose it was for its “into the wild” look which it achieves by emulating the contours of nature.

In order to soften the size of the shelter, they screened off part of the canopy with pleached trees.  The customer also added well-placed lighting to make the shelter stand out even more in the garden.


With its place at the centre of the garden and with lighting added the garden canopy truly became a superb focal point.

Pleached trees were used to soften the overall look, by screening off part of it.

Thanks go to Neil Jackson Photography for the stunning pictures he took for us.

The Crown Shield Range

While you can use the Crown Shield range of garden shelters for residential gardens, it is important to make sure they do not dominate your garden. They may require planning permission to be granted before construction can begin. Some of our range of shelters are most suited for commercial uses such as hotels, outdoor dining areas, campsites, parks, and the like.

We make all our garden seating areas from high-quality timber, which fits in well with the natural landscape, and has a range of uses. Our Crown Shield Leisure, with its seating, is perfect for dining, socialising, and relaxing with a good book. All of the Crown range of shelters mix natural design with modern visual appeal. We also have a range of products in the Crown Shield Range including the Crown Shield Fire with its own fire pit, the Crown Shield Leisure for even more outdoor seating space, and the Crown Shield with its natural wooden floor, perfect for a BBQ or a hot tub, it can even be used as a smoking shelter.


At HUUDEN UK we create unique, yet highly practical garden shelters inspired by the woodlands of Estonia. To find out more about our Crown Range and covered seating speak with our friendly team online or via Phone: 01206 367444 For the best quality garden canopy for outdoor living, contact HUUDEN UK today.

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