Crown Smart Grill

Introducing Smart Grill, a garden house that is also a grill!

Smart Grill’s curved design and high quality timber structure ensures a unique sense of space, allowing you to cook peacefully in the house.

In the build process of your Smart Grill, windows can be positioned wherever is best to create optimum views and catch as much natural light as possible. The Smart Grill is a distinctive and memorable garden house, which can add value to your garden as well as to your leisure time.

  • Smart Grill has a built in grill
  • Smart Grill is a distinctive design
  • Smart Grill has a wide selection of window positions
  • Smart Grill has a sturdy glued laminated timber frame
  • Smart Grill has tempered clear glass
  • Smart Grill  has a durable powder-painted roof plate and metal elements
  • Smart Grill has natural timber floorboards
  • Smart Grill is easy to assemble
  • Smart Grill is also available as Smart
  • All buildings are supplied flat packed and need 2 people minimum to build them
  • Price includes delivery to the majority of Great Britain – please see our shipping and returns page for full details


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Enquire About This Product

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A commercial garden pod helps you stay ahead of the competition

In today’s business world, competition is tough. As the owner of a leisure facility, using your garden or other open spaces to increase your businesses capacity by installing one or more HUUDEN UK pods, will help maximise your profit. This will also offer customers something different.

It is not just pub landlords, hotel and restaurant owners who can benefit from a pod. If you operate a commercial business, you can find a good use for a wooden pod cabin.

The benefits of a Crown Smart Grill pod.

A qualified electrician can soon install electricity in a pod cabin. A wooden garden pod with heating and lighting opens so many possibilities.

BBQs always attract a good crowd, but can be spoiled very quickly by poor weather. Providing somewhere for your guest to have food cooked for them or to allow them to cook for themselves means no more short-notice cancellations.

As people continue to self-isolate due to Covid-19, the wooden pods are great for keeping people in their own social bubble, away from others.

Owners of large open spaces, such as holiday parks, golf resorts and camp sites can delight their visitors by strategically placing wooden pod houses around their property.

Installing Crown Smart Grill pods will take your business to the next level, and your customers will love and want to spend time in them.

Innovation in design

Design is a key factor in the popularity of our garden pods. At HUUDEN UK, our designers follow the geometry of nature, reflected in the aesthetic curved structure of the pod. All the materials we use are of the highest quality. The laminated timber and wooden floor boards we use are weatherproofed and guaranteed for 7 years, with other wood having a 2 year guarantee. The cost includes delivery which usually takes approximately 10-12 weeks. Before ordering, you may need to check your local planning regulations to see if you require planning permission for your pod. Keep in mind that the Crown Smart Grill is only one of the garden houses supplied by HUUDEN UK. You can also choose from other models such as the Crown Smart, the Crown Shield, the Crown Shield Leisure, the Crown Shield Fire, the Crown Elegant, the Crown Elegant Sauna  and the Crown Compact. For further enquiries or to order a pod today, please contact one of our representatives at HUUDEN UK.



Purpose: the ability to cook outdoors all year round.

For (no. of people) up to 6
Surface area 4.7 m²
Cubage 16 m³
Height 3.7 m
Surface dimensions 2.45 x 2.76 m
Length, width 3 x 3.39 m


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