Crown Elegant

Introducing Elegant, a garden house with high impact appearance and practical functionality!

The Elegant garden house is a combination of skilled craftwork and unique looks for many purposes. The clean and modern, yet timeless design, that is Elegant, will add a stunning focus to your garden. One of the first details to catch the eye about Elegant, is the floor-to-ceiling windows. This simple but ingenious solution was specifically conceived for Elegant, by our head designer to create that special ‘outside in’ experience, day and night.

  • Elegant has eye catching floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Elegant has great acoustic qualities
  • Elegant makes a perfect home office
  • Elegant creates a stunning focal point in your garden
  • Price includes delivery to the majority of the UK – please see our shipping and returns page for full details

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Customise your dream summerhouse!



Purpose: spending time with people you care about, home office, private retreat, yoga, meditation, board games, dining, listening to music.

For (no. of people)up to 9
Surface area6.5 m²
Cubage24 m³
Height3.4 m
Surface dimensions3.12 x 2.76 m
Length, width3.67 x 3.39 m

The Perfect Spot for
your New Garden House

How quickly will your unique garden house arrive at your doorstep? In approximately 4 to 6 weeks. There is just enough time to arrange to have your base prepared, you will then be ready to build your beautiful new HUUDEN garden centerpiece.

Let’s Brighten up
your Crown Elegant

Cosy lighting brightens our lives, that’s a fact. You can enjoy spending time in your garden house even in the wee hours of the night. All that is needed is a bit of electricity and stylish light fixtures to do the job. Contact your local electrician, so everything is set before your garden home arrives.


We have consciously implemented design management and product testing in our development processes, the latter undertaken for years in our Estonian climate with its four very different seasons. These tests determine the necessary weather and structural resistance of the wood for varying conditions. As a result, we dare to offer a 7-year structural warranty for our HUUDEN products.


HUUDEN Production System. We make continual efforts to develop and improve our production system and staff awareness.


HUUDEN founders are professional designers with unique experience in wood construction and production.


HUUDEN provides a 7-year warranty for the laminated timber frame and a 2-year warranty for other wood elements.

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