Commercial Outdoor Area Cover for Your Customers

Whatever the season, an outdoor area cover is a great addition to any commercial environment. Shielding its users from the rain, snow or heat, a cover provides a space for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. What’s more, the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic have provoked a renewed interest in enjoying outdoor spaces. There are now more people than ever looking to enjoy outdoor spaces. For this reason, there’s never been a better time to invest in making your outdoor areas more comfortable for everyone. This is where HUUDEN’s premium outdoor products can help.

Crown Shield Fire - Outdoor Area Cover

Accommodating Customers with an Outdoor Area Cover

HUUDEN’s Crown Shield outdoor area cover makes the perfect addition to any business’ outdoor space. This is all thanks to its distinctive but natural design. The Shield’s strong laminated timber frames look eye-catching and sophisticated, without disrupting the outdoor atmosphere. The distinctive shape of the Crown Shield makes it feel open and airy without sacrificing comfort. Time spent under the Shield will certainly create a positive impression.

The Shield is designed to be a versatile, durable focal feature of outdoor space, built to suit a variety of uses. This could mean using it as an extension to a restaurant’s outdoor dining space, as a relaxing place to sit, or as an accommodating smoking shelter. However it’s put to use, the Crown Shield will keep its users dry and shaded all year round.

Businesses across the country continue to adapt to social distancing measures. For many businesses, this has included using more outdoor space. An outdoor area cover like the Shield is the perfect way to accommodate more guests outdoors, in a space they’ll want to stay in. As well as all this, the Crown Shield outdoor canopy from HUUDEN is endlessly adaptable.

Invest in Your Outdoor Space with HUUDEN

The Crown Shield is large enough to fit a variety of seating arrangements and set-ups. This could be a simple bench or a fully functional bar. As well as this, the Shield can also accommodate a range of custom lighting. HUUDEN design all their products to create a space with broad appeal. At the same time, you can adapt and tailor them to your establishment’s unique ambience. With outdoor spaces more important to businesses than ever before, there’s never been a better time to fully realise their potential year-round with an outdoor area cover.

If you are looking for a dependable outdoor area canopy for your commercial premises get in touch with HUUDEN today. HUUDEN will bring their expertise to all enquiries, as they discuss with you the unique requirements of your business premises.

Crown Shield Floor Plan

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