Elegant Outdoor Restaurant Seating Pods

All kinds of commercial businesses can expect to see more people than ever enjoying the outdoors. But after a long day exploring, exercising or relaxing, customers are going to be eager for something to eat. However, after a long, fun day outside, not everybody wants to come indoors. With outdoor restaurant seating you can draw in customers who want to carry on making the most of the fine weather and outdoor ambiance. The Crown Smart pod from HUUDEN is one way you can create eye-catching, adaptable and outdoor restaurant seating.

Crown Smart Pod - Restaurant Seating

The Crown Smart: Adaptable Restaurant Seating

HUUDEN’s Crown Smart is an outdoor pod capable of seating up to six people, packed with smart ideas to suit every environment. Its distinctive curved design gives it a natural look. However, you can easily adapt the appearance with a finish. Its sturdy roof and timber keep the pod and your guests cool in summer and sheltered in winter. Finally, the clear, tempered glass ensures your guests can still take in the views, and makes the pod an eye-pleasing sight itself.

The Crown Pod can be assembled with dedicated seating, tables and shelving, ready to serve as restaurant seating. Its enclosed design makes it perfect for safe, socially-distanced outdoor dining. Sadly, the good weather isn’t always guaranteed. But a HUUDEN pod will keep patrons dry and warm through every summer shower and cool night.

Also, the Crown Smart can accommodate your own furnishings and fittings. Adaptability is at the heart of HUUDEN’s designs. After all, every outdoor attraction has a unique ambiance. You can effortlessly fit the pod with your own electricity and lighting, transforming the pod to suit your restaurants atmosphere. Meanwhile, incorporating heating into the pod can help keep guests out for longer. Whether serving romantic occasions, or large celebrations, the Crown Smart garden pod will keep guests pleased all through the day.

Unlock the Outdoors with HUUDEN

A HUUDEN pod is the perfect product for creating eye-catching, restaurant seating that effortlessly suits your surroundings. Distinctive, yet adaptable. In a hectic world, HUUDEN create spaces where guests can relax, unwind, and make memories. From the grounds of a hotel, to a waterside setting, with our pods you can keep your guests comfortable wherever they are.

With the Summer approaching, and lockdown restrictions lifting, now’s the time to get the most out of your outdoor spaces. People are eager to get out and about and enjoy new dining experiences in a social, but safe environment. HUUDEN’s Crown range of pods can help you bring your business’s signature service into the great outdoors.

To learn more about our range and how we can help you, browse our website. Or, for more information, have a look through our Crown Range brochure. Our pod’s offer diverse experiences to match all kinds of food places and green spaces. Alternatively, contact us today to learn more.

Crown Smart Floor Plan

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