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With outdoor activities more popular than ever, there’s never been a better time to invest in outdoor spaces. Outdoor seating is being encouraged as a prime way for businesses to continue serving customers as the country leaves lockdown. As such, all kinds of businesses can benefit from giving customers access to quality outdoor seating. An inviting outdoor space is the best way to tap into a market eager for outdoor dining and leisure. But the benefits of outdoor seating pods also extend into the long term.

HUUDEN’s range of products help businesses turn their green spaces into eye-catching, memorable places. Whether you’re a hotel, leisure centre, golf club or restaurant, outdoor seating pods provide customers with experiences they won’t forget.

Outdoor Seating Pods - Crown Shield Leisure

The Crown Shield: Versatile Shelter and Seating

The Crown Shield is one of HUUDEN’s most popular wooden garden shelters for commercial businesses. This comes down to its versatile, all-natural design.

The core of the Crown Shield is its eye-pleasing overhead shelter. The cover offers protection from all the elements, whether that’s the summer heat or autumn rain. With a Crown Shield on your premises, customers won’t need to worry about the weather disrupting the fun of their outdoor plans. Seated in one of our outdoor seating pods, customers will want to hang around for longer.

The Shield’s canopy boasts an elegant design inspired by nature, and built with high-quality materials. The sturdy frame and coated roof are ready to withstand all the elements. Meanwhile, the pod’s laminated timber and arching contours will suit the aesthetic of all kinds of outdoor environments.

Adaptability is at the heart of the Crown Shield’s design. Your business can tailor the Shield to the unique experiences you provide to customers. Every Crown Shield can be fitted with custom lighting, seating and other features like heating. So, our designs make your own innovations easy to fit. Whether you offer a romantic tea for two, or a lively barbeque, the Crown Shield will help you deliver memorable experiences in style.

HUUDEN: Helping you Create Outdoor Experience

At a time when businesses need to work around social distancing measures, outdoor seating pods offer a seamless way to expand your commercial activity into the great outdoors. With outdoor dining and leisure on the rise, a Crown Shield is the perfect way to make sure your business can accommodate everyone.

At the heart of HUUDEN’s designs lie a commitment to giving companies control over their outdoor seating pods. Get in touch with us today to learn more about realising the full potential of your business’ outdoor space. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, as well as sharing the benefits the Crown Shield can bring to your outdoor offerings.

Crown Shield Floor Plan

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