The High-Class Modern Pod Accommodation You Need

Last year saw the Great Outdoors become more popular than ever before. In light of this, now is the perfect time to invest in your company’s green spaces. Thanks to HUUDEN’S latest range of outdoor pods, you can bring your business’ luxury experience outdoors. With an elegant design inspired by nature, and a focus on adaptability, HUUDEN’S products give business owners the foundation to create outdoor experiences that customers will remember. But for luxury, scale and versatility all in one, there’s one particular pod to consider.

The Crown Elegant: Eye-Catching Pod Accommodation

There is a great range of luxurious pod cabins on offer from HUUDEN. With them, you can realise the full potential of your business’ outdoor spaces. The Crown Elegant, HUUDEN’S most expansive pod to date, will stand out as the stylish focal feature of your brand’s outdoor presence.

The Crown Elegant combines an all-natural exterior with a luxury interior. In addition, the pod’s natural timber allows it to sit elegantly in any natural setting. Meanwhile, floor to ceiling windows creates a sense of open outdoor living without neglecting privacy and protection. The designers have created this perfect, natural look without sacrificing durability, thanks to year-round testing in the Estonian climate. The pod is constructed from sturdy laminated timber and tempered glass, with a durable roof plate. This high build quality makes it ready to face all the elements.

Moving inside, guests will find a luxurious, practical space – with up to 24 cubic meters of room. Above all the kind of experience your Crown Elegant pod offers is completely up to you. With its ability to house electrical appliances and custom lighting, you can transform the pod from accommodation to a dining space, and much more.

Pod Accommodation - Crown Elegant

Invest in the Outdoors with HUUDEN

The Crown Elegant offers the perfect balance of openness and privacy. In addition, the design of the pod means it is quiet enough to offer a relaxing retreat. On the other hand, space and acoustics make it a great place to play music.

Whether you want to create a quiet retreat or office, a social spot, a unique dining experience, or cosy pod accommodation, the Crown Elegant will rise to the occasion. It’s capable of accommodating up to nine people or providing peace and quiet for just one. However it’s used, the Crown Elegant will effortlessly adapt to the unique atmosphere of your business.

Installing a garden pod with HUUDEN is no hassle either. Your custom pod accommodation can be at your premises in no time, and fitting custom lighting and electrical equipment are stress-free. To learn more about our modern outdoor pods, and how they can meet the unique needs of your business, get in touch with HUUDEN today.

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