After the UK Covid epidemic the need for friends and family to come together will be greatly cherished. What better way to assist this to happen than to add The Crown Shield Fire to your premises?

A Shield Fire table will add to the facilities you offer.  A creative focal centrepiece that will become a real talking point of your visitors’ holiday experience. The addition of a sheltered BBQ area will transform that patch of grass into a buzzing place. Where people can talk, laugh and dine during their stay.

People love to enjoy the outdoors and camping.  Plus the new age glamping trend is in full swing.  Therefore, you need your venue to stand out. Modern holiday makers are on the lookout for a camp site offering something a little more unique. Which will add to their experience.

The Crown Shield Fire – Makes a Perfect BBQ Fire Pit Table

Depending on your campsites capacity, you may require 2 or more of our Nordic inspired Shield Fire tables. Not only are these eye-catching structures very inviting, but they will provide additional functional features to enhance your guests stay.

You may want to make this feature part of an upgrade package, take bookings for use, throw a BBQ event, birthday parties or other celebrations your guests may have.

When used as a fire pit, guests will gather to socialise and keep warm during summer evenings. If your campsite is a health retreat having a fire pit and holding evening gatherings for relaxation, yoga, dining or simply networking will create a meeting place, that any guest will be able to navigate to.

An open pod style shelter offers shade in the heat and cover from showers on rainy days. With the Shield Fire version of The Crown Shield range, you can cook, food to your liking around the table with your holiday party.

Environmentally Friendly

If you have a Yoga Retreat or a business where environmentally friendly, natural materials are at the forefront of your reputation. Built using Estonian wood, these impressive structures are built to last. The Crown Shield Fire offers a range of benefits and comes with a 7-year warranty for weather and structural resistance. Did you know there is a wooden house in Estonia which is over 370 years old and has faced harsh climates and won.

HUUDEN UK are a brand who put environmental awareness of wood consumption first.

Choose this Shield Fire shelter with a built-in bench and fire pit table, and you will have somewhere for guest to enjoy all year round.

The Crown Range

In addition to our Shield Fire tables, HUUDEN UK also offers sauna pods, pod cabins, sheltered seating pods, or fully functional grill huts. All with a distinctive design.

If you are thinking of starting a glamping business on your farmland or land you have purchased. Consider the level of glamping glory you need to grow a good reputation in the provision of memorable, enjoyable stays that keep guests talking, giving word-of-mouth referrals to family and friends and returning for another stay at your venue. The Crown Range will form a big part of this for your business, simply take a look at out range of wooden pods and get in touch with our team to enquire!

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